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Stamping Plate Leadlight Lacquer 1 – Review and Demo

I am apparently on a Messy Mansion stamping plate kick (probably because I had a Messy Mansion haul, LOL).  I ordered this from the Messy Mansion website.  Although the company is based in Australia, there is a warehouse in the USA.

I have to say, I love the quality of these plates!  The images are wonderful for using the leadlight technique (as you might imagine), which was developed/popularized by Messy Mansion.

I’ll do my own video on the leadlight technique video soon, but meanwhile here’s the original video from Messy Mansion.

Quick Stats

Here are some quick stats on the stamping plate:

  • The plate is 12 cm long by 6 cm wide.   This is about the same size as a MoYou London plate.
  • The images are “buffet” style, and cover the full plate (except for a small outside margin).  This is great for those of us with wider or longer nails.

Video Review and Demo

I’ve done a video review and demo of the Leadlight Lacquer plate #1, so you can see what it’s like.

Click the video and it will expand to a normal size.  🙂

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